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In this internet age when online commercial transactions using credit cards are the order of the day, BinBase is inevitable. For most people, using a credit card to make a purchase online is simply a common task if not an everyday practice. With the increasing number of credit card fraud cases, many people find themselves falling prey to a credit card fraudster and losing money and credibility for people running businesses. At, Ltd., we understand the need for your credit card security by the second. That is why we offer you the best BIN database you will ever come across to make sure your transactions and/or business runs smoothly without having to worry about fraud.

What is BinBase? A BinBase is BIN database complied and maintanied by our firm. BIN means Bank Identification Number and it refers to the first six numbers in any financial card, whether credit, debit or gift card. A BIN database is therefore a database in which you can check your credit, debit or gift card to protect it from fraud. In order to ensure the security of your financial card, you need not only a reliable BIN database that you can trust, but the best BIN checker in the market. This is exactly what we offer you - the BinBase database. There are so many reasons why BinBase is the best in the market. First on the list is the fact that it is very efficient as it is always up to date.

This ensures that even the newest development in credit card fraud is detected with relative ease. In addition, it is very accurate which is quite a feat; considering the abundant flow of data in this kind of business. We pride in offering accurate levels that are closely to 100%. Ease of use is another feature that marks our BinBase. The BinBase software used does not require you to have any technical programming knowledge. You just need to enter the BIN of your card and getall the information you need. We also offer the most comprehensive BIN database list that you can find from credible data. Our BinBase data is acquired from banks and other financial institutions as well as other businesses that popularly use credit cards.

By using not only bank data but also data from all possible sources of fraud, we are able to guarantee security of your credit and debit cards as well as any gift cards that you might have. In this technological age, a BinBase search is simply indispensable. Credit, debit and gift cards are used every other second on the internet and the chance of encountering fraud is more than real. You do not even need to be making a payment online. You can fall victim to fraud even by just using your card to pay for groceries. With our BinBase database, the chances of encountering fraud are greatly reduced. We will offer you timely alerts to protect your money and your business. With BinBase, you have the most reliable credit card firewall there is to secure your transactions.

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